i logged onto this blog to say, i’ll be coming back soon!

also happy hump day lmao 

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「Bully la Bully」/「NK」のイラスト [pixiv]

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kikukitten answered: Ryuko matoi


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i have no idea what i just got myself into

plays harmonica
i’m going down
yellin senketsuuuu
you better move
you better catch (me)
lets make tonight
a night of nudeness
not wearing shirts
or wearin pants

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Lmao yeah, long story short, short story shorter. I can’t find myself connecting to Ryuko’s muse rn like I was when I was watching the series. Probably gonna put this blog on a semi-hiatus and only reply to like, friends and things i’m tagged in until i find myself connecting w/ Ryuko again. If ya need me, skype is available, as well as I’ll be on this blog rping for the while I’m gone. 

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never forget the otp of this blog is ryuko’s fist, with every part of nui’s face


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Now I have the biggest urge to draw them. Let me wallow in my feels. HNNNNNNGH.

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